New Balance M577NGB The Napes Grey New Balance M577NGB The Napes Grey New Balance M577NGB The Napes Grey


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In general, Americans are more in tune with British culture than they’ve ever been, but knowing Doctor Who, Kate Middleton, and Chelsea’s starting 11 isn’t going to be enough for this made in England New Balance.  The Northwest of England, particularly the non-urban centers, is still uncharted territory for many.

This model is called ‘The Napes,’ which is a meaningless term without further explanation.  The Napes refers to a series of cliffs around Great Gable, a mountain in Cumbria’s Lake District that is popular with rock climbers from around the globe.  One peak on the Napes, Napes Needle is so perilous, that making your way back down has its own how to guide. 

Technically, you didn’t need to know all that; you could appreciate the pleasing mix of a rugged, outdoors aesthetic and classic New Balance athletic sensibility.  The high visibility colorway and the ripstop/suede upper are certainly good looking on their own merits.  Isn’t it nice to know why it’s there, though? 

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