Tretorn W M+NYLITE4PLUS Pink Tretorn W M+NYLITE4PLUS Pink Tretorn W M+NYLITE4PLUS Pink




In the US, Tretorn shoes biggest claim to fame is being mentioned by name in 1980’s ‘The Preppy Handbook.’ It’s easy to see why. The simple, canvas/rubber construction and clean lines are the kind of timeless, nonchalant sophistication that light up country club functions across the country.

But if tut-tutting someone for using a four-in-hand knot instead of a Half-Windsor is not now, or in any foreseeable future, one of your priorities, Tretorn still has something to offer.

After all, the legendary Bjorn Borg favored Tretorn shoes, and he was as famed for his icy cool demeanor as he was for being the best tennis player on the planet.

This twist on the traditional Nylite adds a touch of soft color (Wimbledon is out, but you should be fine everywhere else) to this timeless silhouette.

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