Vans Vault 50 LEATHER CHECKER BAG Black/White Vans Vault 50 LEATHER CHECKER BAG Black/White Vans Vault 50 LEATHER CHECKER BAG Black/White


Vans Vault


To the naked eye, there is very little difference between one deck shoe and another. So how did Vans, who started out as a family owned, Southern California based storefront operation manufacturing and selling one of the most simple silhouettes in all of footwear become a global pop culture icon? The answer is that Vans set themselves apart, and how they set themselves apart now is the same way they first set themselves apart in 1966; Vans just does things differently.

You could be talking about their approach to construction that resulted in deck shoes that stood out as the most durable on the market, you could be talking about their custom, made to order shoes and their later, mass produced wild patterns that established Vans as the shoe of choice for the offbeat thinker, or you could be talking about their embrace of so-called ‘niche’ subcultures like skateboarding, surfing, and underground music. Vans have always made the unusual their own.

For their 50th anniversary, Vans pay tribute to their most iconic and enduring success story, the checkerboard pattern. The shoe that Spicoli made famous has been done in every conceivable variation, so to properly celebrate such a momentous occasion calls for something altogether different.

Vans Vault has taken the famous checkerboard and instead of rendering it as a printed pattern, has produced it in hand woven leather form. The ‘Checkered Past’ collection is craftsmanship of the highest order, and a fitting way to mark the golden anniversary of a truly timeless shoe.

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