Fred Perry


If you don’t know the name Bradley Wiggins off the top of your head, you’re not alone. A competitive cyclist, even a world class, elite one is operating in the area of specialty interest. You’ll learn his name quickly enough though. Bradley Wiggins is the first ever British winner of the Tour De France, and a sharp dresser to boot. This makes him a perfect partner for Fred Perry, a British icon of casual sportswear.

The Bradley Wiggins collection combines elements of classic cycling style, and Wiggins’ own modish sensibilities. The Kendrick is a simple plimsoll silhouette, a timeless look that is readily adaptable. By taking visual cues from cycling, instead of tennis introduces a brighter color palette than Fred Perry’s traditional tennis background usually offers. In this case, the tweaks are elegant and subtle. Simply making use of more colors makes a major impact on a shoe as uncomplicated as the Kendrick.

The canvas/suede upper with a tonal colorway and perforated checkerboard pattern stand out while utilizing an uncluttered aesthetic, while the striped ankle cuff is an excellent detail that recalls both cycling jerseys and Fred Perry’s own iconic polo shirts.

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