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The Instapump Fury was a radical, polarizing design, even before it hit store shelves. The notion of a running shoe that could be fine tuned, through the pump’s air system to suit the individual needs of a runner was radical enough itself, but what really made the Instapump Fury a legend was its looks. The fine tuned performance was one thing, but people who wouldn’t even run to catch a bus could still look at the Instapump Fury and be amazed.

Twenty-one years later, and the Instapump Fury is still turning heads. Even though its technological leaps have been more absorbed into mainstream thought, no one has ever come close to replicating the stand out look of this shoe.

The Instapump Fury may have been ahead of its time in 1994, but its ultra-modern, athletic looks are the it thing in style right now.

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