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The Instapump Fury design is anything but traditional. It was revolutionary in 1994, and after twenty-two years, it’s still a unique design. So there’s no reason that a shoe with such a trailblazing legacy would go for a conventional approach on a Chinese New Year release. 2016 will mark the year of the monkey, and Reebok has come through with a release that does justice to its astrological origins.

The Instapump Fury Road does include red, the traditional color of good fortune in Chinese culture, as an accent color on the midsole, heel, and foot bed, but the main focus of this shoe’s design is a geometric, black and white pattern covering the upper. At first glance, it appears to be purely abstract, but take a good look at the toe of the shoe, and the stars will align, so to speak, in the shape of a monkey’s face.

The monkey, being the clever, quick-witted master of tricks that it is, would undoubtedly approve.

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