Bandulu Indianapolis Five-Hunna Hoodie Red Bandulu Indianapolis Five-Hunna Hoodie Red

Indianapolis Five-Hunna Hoodie



For Spring 2015, Bandulu turns its attention to classic, American athletic wear.  These vintage finds  were the kind of clothes that were worn for years at a time.  Clothing worn over the course of a lifetime develops visible wear, unique to the person who owns it.  Bandulu’s signature, hand-stitched embellishments enhance this history, by making each garment a one of a kind, new piece. 

The quintessential American hooded pullover sweat in vibrant red.  Pull the hood up, tighten the drawstring, and invite wanton speculation about what those markings on your sweatshirt say about you.     

Bandulu Indianapolis Five-Hunna Hoodie


  • Hand Embroidered Embellishments 

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