GL 6000 SNE



The original idea behind the GL 6000 was brilliantly simple. Apply the clean, simple design of the wildly successful Reebok Classic Leather casual silhouette to performance running shoe. The GL 6000 became a cult classic in its own right, and its mix of performance tech and timeless style have made it a perennial favorite among Reebok classics.  

When it comes to casual, it’s difficult to top summer days at the beach. With the ‘Summer in New England’ pack, Reebok offers a unique take on the summer beach vibe. New England beaches can tend to be a bit more visually subdued than the stereotypical white sand, crystal water, teal, white, coral look. The stony shores, darker waters, and cranberry bogs that define a significant part of the natural New England landscape are represented by red, navy, and grey color blocked suede. It’s an understated, classic New England take on a unique form of natural Oceanside beauty.

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