The most common associations with seersucker are the young and preppy or the “so old fashioned that it looks like they have wondered off of a Tennessee Williams play.”   Either way, it comes off a bit stuffy, making the Asics Seersucker Pack a classic juxtaposition of traditional manners and modern sleekness, right?

Not exactly.

Putting the popular, lightweight fabric on tech running shoes like the Gel Lyte III and the Gel Respector is more of a natural fit than it looks. Seersucker is still old fashioned, no question, but before it became the summer wardrobe staple of every burgeoning Colonel Sanders and Quentin Compson, it was the lightweight textile of choice for workers in fields like the railroad and oil industries. The inexpensive, durable, and cooling properties made seersucker ideal for this kind of labor.

It’s true that the Seersucker Pack does give off the familiar casual gentleman about town air, but its practical applications make it a spiritual precursor of sorts to technological advancements like breathable mesh, making it the perfect summer shoe in more ways than one.  

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