The Strawberry, as an edible symbol of passion, is well established territory. The heart shaped box of chocolates is an amateur in comparison. The fruit’s resemblance in shape to a heart made it a symbol of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, which as far as amorous bona fides go, is a pretty ringing endorsement.

The addition of cream to the mix came later, during the Middle Ages, but it fit right into the romantic aura of the strawberry. Strawberries and cream became readily identified as something to be shared between lovers.

For Valentine’s Day, Asics has put its own stamp on the sweet dish. The distinctive coloring of the strawberries and cream mixture, a softened red that hasn’t quite lightened fully to pink, with white and pure cream accents, provides the color palette for a particularly romantic edition of the Gel Lyte III.

As strawberries and cream are meant to be shared, and it’s rather difficult to share one pair of sneakers, may we suggest getting two pairs, in the name of love of course.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out. 


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