Gel Lyte III



Top range running shoes loom large in the Asics legend.  The Gel Lyte series of shoes are a particularly important contributor to this legend.  The sleek yet amply cushioned runners have been supporting feet and looking stylish for two solid decades.  The ‘work pack’ Gel Lytes weren’t made with a walk in the park, or even a run around the block in mind.  These Asics pull their visual cues from the world of manual labor. 

The first clue is the hammer and axe graphic printed on the insole’s footbed.  The color palette is drawn from the industrial work boot, but the work pack Gel Lytes aren’t just playing dress up.  The suede and textured leather used on the upper construction are of an altogether rugged variety,  while the d-ring eyelets and hiking laces reinforce the concept both aesthetically and materially. 

Sneakers being used for things other than their original purpose are nothing new.  Why not make this impulse useful, and get to work? 

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