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G-Shock watches occupy something of a unique sphere of aesthetic influence for themselves. G-Shock watches haven’t been in position to cultivate an image. As the timepiece of choice for members of some rather hazardous professions, including active duty special forces, deep sea divers, and astronauts, they have, because of their performance qualities, had an image thrust upon them.

This aura of precision technology and durability makes for an exciting collaborative opportunity.

Legendary graffiti icon Futura and County Of Milan design maven Marcelo Burlon step forward to bring their unique perspectives to a pair of signature G-Shock models: the GA-100 and the GDX6900FTR.

Futura’s distinctive atomic pattern and signature are ultra modern a visual elements that add a high fashion edge to the functional base of the GDX6900.

Marcelo Burlon presents a colorless version of a coral snake pattern from his native Argentina that brings an element of the rugged natural world into the technological workings of the GA-100.


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