The pattern commonly known as “woodland” camouflage was originally conceived of by the US Army Engineers Research and Development Laboratory, all the way back in 1948. It also happens to be one of the most commonly replicated camouflage patterns in the world. Despite this historical pedigree, the woodland pattern always seems fresh and modern. Its origins and use in the most ruthlessly functional of environments probably has a helping hand in that.

The Reebok Furylite story shares some similarities. The Furylite is a shoe that, thanks to its forward thinking aesthetic, can’t really be pinned down to a specific time period. So applying woodland camouflage to the Furylite just feels like a natural fit. If there are any pitfalls of the camouflage aesthetic, it’s mainly that overuse can lead to the dreaded toy/dress up solider effect. That won’t be a problem with the Furylite; they’re way too slick.

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