FS Polartec CT AS 1970 Hi



"...The new Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Polartec, a weather resistant sneaker that integrates the revolutionary Polartec weatherization technology; marking the first time Polartec technology has ever been applied to a sneaker. Polartec is a premium producer of many innovative fabrics, including revolutionary weather resistant membrane technologies and like Converse is also headquartered in Massachusetts. 

With the Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Polartec, the traditional Converse canvas-rubber construction gets a tech upgrade with the infusion of the Polartec Power Shield Pro membrane, inserted between the outer canvas and inner tricot lining of the sneaker. Polartec Power Shield Pro technology combines air permeability with durable hydrostatic resistance providing a highly water resistant fabric with unprecedented breathability. This product allows moisture management within the sneaker, balancing the interior environment to help keep feet dry and comfortable, with added protection from water and snow.

The Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Polartec is available in a bright Clematis Blue high top and clean Gargoyle Gray ox, each designed with a stylish reverse-color tongue. Both styles have an eye-catching bright red eyelet that stands out from the integrated gray eyelets, and are outfitted with a unique color-pop turquoise d-ring eyelet - a nod to the style tradition of outdoor footwear." - Converse, Inc.

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Converse First String Polartec CT AS 1970 Hi
Clematis Blue