Barena FLANNEL Navy Barena FLANNEL Navy Barena FLANNEL Navy Barena FLANNEL Navy



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Generally, when non-Italians think about Italy, the myriad of cultural differences that exist from region to region aren’t taken into account. The same thinking colors the perception of Italian fashion. Just as Italy is not entirely comprised of scooters, pizza, and defensively solid footballers, Italian fashion is more than famous label names and flamboyantly cut suits.

On one hand, Venice label Barena does embody some key principles of the Italian design ethic. The highest quality craftsmanship, top quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail are the reasons that “Italian fashion” exists as a shorthand synonym for class in the first place.

What sets Barena apart is how they choose to apply these standards. Barena clothing is informed by its Venetian background, in particular, the northern climate, watery surroundings, and traditional rustic industries. The results are a modish, sharp-casual take on Italian style.

  • 80% cotton
  • 3-button quarter placket
  • Spare button
  • Made in Italy

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