The wolf is the subject of reverence in cultures across the world for the same reason it’s an ever-popular choice to represent sports teams. Characteristics the wolf is known for, such as independence, aggression, and pack loyalty are, especially in the world of athletics, aspirational qualities that lead to success.

The ‘Eat What You Kill’ collection from Puma and BAU puts the wolf at center stage. Featuring two 1990s tech running favorites, the Blaze Of Glory and the R698, and a selection of accompanying clothing, ‘Eat What You Kill’ combines the technical, modern side of Puma with the old school athletic infused, streetwear sensibility of BAU.

Both footwear models features grey nubuck and diamond pattern etched black suede uppers. Besides being a sleek, modern base that allows BAU’s trademark black, white, and gold branding to stand out, the grey is more than a little bit reminiscent of a wolf’s fur coloring. The leather form stripe and accents bring a classic edge to these running silhouettes.

No ‘Eat What You Kill’ project would be complete without, at least a touch of red. Don’t worry though, you aren’t expected to carry the message with just subtle color messaging. The red is also used to broadcast the EWYK slogan and let everyone around you know that you are coming for what’s yours.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out.