Adidas EQUIPMENT RACING 93 W Oddity Luxe Adidas EQUIPMENT RACING 93 W Oddity Luxe Adidas EQUIPMENT RACING 93 W Oddity Luxe




In the past, Adidas has employed the oddity concept to some of its classic models to great effect. These vivid, color-clashing designs sprinted straight past bold into uncharted territory, and it worked.

The Adidas Equipment range is a different animal. The serious minded, high-tech, performance running shoes don’t necessarily lend themselves to a loud, multicolored interpretation. So, the oddity concept itself gets reimagined on this occasion.

Two classics from the performance line, the Equipment Running Support and a women’s Equipment 93 Racer feature a subdued, neutral heavy colorway, rendered in a seemingly incongruous variety of textured leather and suede.

Snakeskin, ostrich, cracked leather, and perforated nubuck come together to form the ‘Oddity Luxe,’ pack.   “Luxe’ is a term ripe for some loose interpretations, but in this case, it is legitimately the perfect descriptor. The fashion forward but subtle aesthetic approach expertly translates the oddity ideal for the aggressive functionality of Adidas Equipment.  

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