By now, anyone with even a passing interest in fashion is aware of the unique qualities that make Japanese denim the most sought after in the world, and good denim is a foundation of any wardrobe.

The catch is, everyone knows this for pants. The denim jacket, on the other hand, can be the subject of jokes that are as well worn as they are not funny, (unless something existing during the 80s is your kind of punch line, in which case, they are hilarious.) Maybe it’s just a lack of imagination about how to incorporate them into a look.

The fact is, a denim jacket brings a lot to the table. It can be worn as part of a tried and tested look, it can keep a classic denim element in an outfit while allowing other options to be worked in, and it can balance out a smarter casual look, keeping it from appearing overly stuffy. With all those potential uses, a high quality denim jacket that goes with everything just makes sense.

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