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Since internet shopping has made geographic distinctions almost meaningless, it seems almost quaint to talk about localized cultures, but there are still some shoes that are impossible to separate from their regional fanbases. One of these models is the Nike Cortez. As one of Nike’s all-time best selling models, it certainly has universal applications, but anyone with a working knowledge of sneaker history will tell you that the Cortez is an integral part of the quintessential west coast, Los Angeles look.

The Cortez Basic Premium pays tribute to the shoe’s California associations by dressing it up LA Style. Glossy patent leather, metallic accents, and automotive inspired graphics takes the Cortez off the track, into the garage, and out on the street.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out.

Nike Cortez Basic Premium
Ink/Ink/White/Metallic Silver
819721 500

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