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Japan’s Beauty & Youth label have pulled off an impressive feat with their latest collaboration. Reebok’s Club C 85, a classic tennis silhouette gets a stylish makeover that actually enhances the shoe’s aura of casual sophistication.

The basic white leather construction that is the default setting for any tennis silhouette gives way to a subtle mix of sandstone grey and silver suede. A resilient but pliable material, sandstone has been widely used in utilitarian construction and fine art alike. This elegant shoe should prove every bit as versatile.  

Air Max 90 Ultra SE: When it comes to a classic like the Air Max 90, there’s always going to be a faction of enthusiasts who argue that the shoe is untouchable. The Air Max 90 Ultra SE combines a material and cushioning upgrade with a familiar infrared colorway. It should satisfy both the die-hard old schoolers, and those with a more modern bent.

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