Reebok CL LEATHER WP Wheat Reebok CL LEATHER WP Wheat Reebok CL LEATHER WP Wheat




The Reebok Classic Leather and the classic work boot are two streetwear staples that hardly require an introduction. What does require an explanation is how well one translates into the other. At first glance, they would appear to be incompatible; the heavy, silhouette of the work boot doesn’t seem like it would have much to offer the pleasant, rounded sleekness of the sneaker.

One of the major selling points of the Reebok Classic is that it is such an uncomplicated, and therefore, unfussy shoe. This also makes it rather adaptable. Switch out the normal black or white leather for tan, beef up the eyelets with metal, and add rope laces, and you have the rugged style of a boot with the comfort of the Reebok Classic.

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