Remember that Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s ex had a pair of glasses that he didn’t want anybody else to have, and it turned out they came from Malaysia? For the uninitiated, that’s kind of what CLOT is like.

Hong Kong’s CLOT has been a driving force on the Asian streetwear scene since 2003. The brand quickly established a reputation as trendsetters and tastemakers thanks to their progressive and refined take on street level fashion. This unique perspective led to collaborative projects with major global companies like Disney and Coca-Cola, fashion icons like Kitsune and Kaws, and retail locations across the major cities of Asia.

People in the know, are well aware of CLOT, but compared to their success in Asia, the brand is a comparatively well-kept secret with general audiences in the West. Since one of CLOT’s key design principles is the melding of East and West, it’s about time to get this ‘secret,’ out there.

Looking good is always priority one, but having a really good answer to the question “where’d you get that” is a pretty nice bonus.

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