Cav Empt


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The biggest thing out on the Neon Loop right now is Proletarian chic. There’s a club down there with a beige concrete façade, razor wire all over the front, bouncers dressed like East German border guards, you couldn’t get in if you paid them. Importers are tracking down Soviet bloc era Trabants, ZAZ minis, Ladas, Syrenas, Oltcits, those IMZ-Ural bikes, you name it, and charging fifty times what they’re worth. You could get a MiG for that much.

Well, there’s no point going through all that trouble if you can’t dress the part, so those big, corduroy shirts are all the rage. Doubt any of those factory workers pumping out tractors ever had 200,000¥ sunglasses (burnished titanium, lenses crafted from reclaimed instrument dials in mothballed ICBM silos) in their pockets though.

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Model is wearing a size medium and is 5'9, 165lbs.


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