Stussy x ATCQ HOOD Black Stussy x ATCQ HOOD Black Stussy x ATCQ HOOD Black




2015 marks Stussy’s 35th anniversary as a brand, and the 25th anniversary of their New York City operation.  To celebrate, Stussy has issued a collection featuring legendary hip-hop group, A Tribe Called Quest. 

Beloved by critics and fans alike, A Tribe Called Quest have been essential listening for hip-hop fans since their inception.  Among those listening were influential people within Stussy, who have credited A Tribe Called Quest with influencing their work during this time period.  Now, the streetwear icon is in position to return the favor. 

This collection combines the signature Stussy aesthetic with visual and textual references to A Tribe Called Quest’s body of work.  Old fans will have the opportunity to refresh their collection of Tribe gear, and by exposing a new generation to the magic of A Tribe Called Quest, will, hopefully, create some new fans as well. 

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