Needles Asymmetric Sneaker Indigo Needles Asymmetric Sneaker Indigo Needles Asymmetric Sneaker Indigo

Asymmetric Sneaker



Not for lack of effort, but the notion of doing something radically different with the sneaker is more difficult than it sounds.  At the end of the day, unless there are rapid and unpredicted evolutionary changes coming down the pike, the sneaker still has to conform to the physiology of the human foot.  That being said, Needles have come along with a design curveball that is, indeed, a radically different take on the classic sneaker.  The fact that they have achieved this while working within the confines of a very traditional silhouette is even more impressive. 

The asymmetric sneaker starts off with mismatched toe boxes, so a basic element of design is discarded right out of the gate.  A ghillie lacing system isn’t a new invention, but when used on a canvas, court shoe upper, the effect is distinctive and unique.  The midsole is thickened to positively chunky proportions, further distorting, but not outside the realm of familiarity, the recognizable silhouette. 

Of course, what makes the Asymmetric sneaker really stand out is the sulfur dye process.  Each pair has been uniquely and unevenly dyed, to complete a bold, contemporary reinterpretation of the humble court sneaker.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out. 

CAUTION: Color from the dye process WILL transfer.  Take care when handling and/or coming into contact with other fabrics. 


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