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Nonnative founder Takayuki Fujii’s describes his products as “real clothes that aren’t ostentatious.” Granted, this may not be the type of proclamation that you splash across headlines in 75 point type, but in a world where so many products from the fashion industry are hyped with enough hyperbole to convince you that a simultaneous heir to Marcel Duchamp and Coco Chanel has been discovered, “real clothes” does possess a certain, understated confidence.

To bring this approach to a confident, elegant and sharp dress shoe, Nonnative have paired with Northampton, England shoe manufacturer Tricker's.  With a history that dates back to 1829, Tricker's reputation for quality, durability and hand made, British craftsmanship earned the company a certified Royal Appointment.

  • 100% Cow leather uppers
  • Rubber crepe outsoles
  • Made In UK

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