Black Ops by Joel Storella

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Black Ops by Joel Storella Black Ops by Joel Storella Black Ops by Joel Storella Black Ops by Joel Storella Black Ops by Joel Storella Black Ops by Joel Storella Black Ops by Joel Storella Black Ops by Joel Storella

"Boston, MA - Bodega, the hidden Boston sneaker spot, continues to support artistic talent of all shapes and mediums through the release of it’s second special project with acclaimed handbag designer Joel Storella, named the Black Ops.

Following the success of the Initiative backpack, Storella set out to produce a bag that did not defer to the taste of others and instead focused on creating a pack that would catch his own eye. “When I decided to make this backpack,” Storella said, “I asked [myself] what I would want to see - what would make me stop and look if someone was walking by with it on.” But making such a backpack is no easy task. Requiring over 80 hours of production and over 4,600 hand stitches, the Black Ops is not churned out from an assembly line, but hand-crafted by Storella himself. “I wanted to put all that I had into this as that’s what I feel the person wearing it deserves. Making a product like this, that is 100% hand stitched, really adds a level of pride for both me and my clients.”

With an exterior made of matte black python, the Black Ops backpack features an interior made of supple semi-aniline nappa cow hide. The thread, a French waxed cable linen material, mixes black on the outside of the bag with beige on the inside. Measuring 20” x 12” x 9”, the backpack is an ideal solution as a weekender bag for clothing and accessories. Spanning the width of the bag, an inside pocket can be used for a tablet or a magazine. The Black Ops also includes a hidden pocket that even the keenest eyes will not be able to spot.

Each Black Ops by Joel Storella backpack is a single, unique bag, with the same materials, colors, or leathers never being duplicated or reproduced. This integrity to creating a 1 of 1 product celebrates the uniqueness of both the item and it’s owner. The Black Ops by Joel Storella will retail for $10,500 and will be available for purchase at and at Bodega (6 Clearway St., Boston, MA)."

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