Giving a shape to designs, dressing up the world.

Chup's socks are unique and colorful, featuring ethnic colors from all over the world. Making the most out of the capability of a stocking frame machine, Chup weaves excellent quality products paying great attention to details on color and design -- all of which are based on various motifs such as patterns, family emblems and textiles.

All is original from designs to color combinations. Despite various restrictions on its production of a stocking frame machine, Chup deliberately designs their products to offer a feeling of comfort to their customers when wearing, as well as to give a perfect shape to their ideal images.

Because of their complicated designs, Chup socks are produced in a limited number with half or even one third production efficiency compared to a normal production system. (A machine can produce from twenty to twenty-five pairs of socks per day.) Chup's special craftsmen deliberately make products with affection, adjusting size and scales depending on design, as well as carefully inspecting finished products in order to offer perfect satisfaction to their customers.

All product planning, development, and production by Chup are done in Japan.